is the personal website of Emiliano Martínez Luque. A software engineer with over 20 years of professional experience.

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Official release of generativeText, a generative design library for HTML text

generativeText.js is a native javascript generative design library for manipulating HTML text. It allows you to process the CSS properties of HTML text on a character or word level programatically, to produce interesting effects.

There is also a small app done in angular.js to simply test the library: generativeText GUI. is now live

Announcing the release of Jergozo, a user generated dictionary for the spanish language. Jergozo let's you write definitions of words or phrases you use, that can include images or videos. Users also have the option of voting for the best definition of a particular word.

Official launch of

The site is now live. This project is a website that compiles the Argentinian Central Bank statistics and generates graphical reports. It also includes a Rest endpoint for general access.

Metonymie Studios new homepage

Announcing the oficial launch of Metonymie Studios, a boutique web development agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The new website uses Generative Design techniques to produce a randomized design that is mathematically guaranteed to be different on each page load.