Metonymie Studios

New version of A Journey back to my digital roots.

In 2006, I acquired the domain name During those early years, served as a platform for hosting my development blog and housing my notes from my university days. Even back then, I had the inkling that the name would one day be associated with a more significant endeavor.

In 2015, that vision began to take shape when I joined forces with like-minded professionals to create Metonymie Studios, a web development and software engineering collective that I had the privilege of leading. At this point, we repurposed to become the online hub for our collective. Under the Metonymie Studios banner, we embarked on various projects, such as,,, and a range of freelance endeavors. However, our journey took a pause as I ventured to work with Mercado Libre and later Klarna.

Then, in March 2020, just as the pandemic was beginning to take hold, we embarked on our most ambitious project to date: Sitemapper. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, this venture did not yield the results we had hoped for, leading to the dissolution of Metonymie Studios.

Today, Metonymie Studios has undergone a transformation. It's no longer a collective; it's just me. After all these years, I've decided to reclaim, which will now serve as a platform to showcase my personal projects—whether done solo or with others. Additionally, it will be home to a development blog where I'll share my reflections on software engineering and computer science.

This journey, from personal homepage to collective venture, through various projects, and now back to a more personal platform, underscores the dynamic nature of the web, web development and software engineering. It's a reminder that, in our digital paths, change is constant, but they always lead us back to our core online identity. Welcome to the renewed, where I'll continue sharing my ongoing tech adventures.