Official release of generativeText, a generative design library for HTML text

I have just launched generativeText.js, my generative design library for HTML text.

The library lets you manipulate the CSS properties of characters or words on HTML text programatically, to produce interesting effects. The library is pure native JS with no dependecies.

I also did a Documentation Site that includes lots of examples that show the capabilities of the library. The site was done with node, but that's because I needed a templating system for layout and some control of caching headers for Varnish, since it's really a static site done on just CSS, HTML and of course, the library itself.

There's also a small application done with Angular.js that can be used to simply test the library: generativeText GUI.

I'm really hoping that people with use this library, since I'm not really a designer, but I'm really happy with some of the stuff I was able to do with the library. Check the documentation site to see lot's of cool examples!