Official launch of

The site is now live. The project aims to provide simple but rich, graphical reports of the statistics published by the Argentinian Central Bank.

Development wise, It is a Poliglot development with multiple layers and a microservices architecture.

To mine the data, I wrote a set of python scripts using beautiful soup. This scripts run daily and provide the data to the MySQL database.

The data is served both to the website and on the public Rest endpoint by a set of Rest microservices developed in Golang. The services use JWT for authentication.

The actual site was done in ZF2. And for the graphs on the page, I wrote a responsive graphing library in D3. The graphs generated by this library adapt and have different features based on screen display size.

The site is actually served by Varnish for speed. All of the different layers of the application run on different Docker containers that I'm monitoring with prometheus and grafana.

Design wise, I was inspired by Swiss Style: I'm using an Helvetica like typography and a minimalist color palette.