Metonymie Studios new homepage

Metonymie Studios new homepage is now officially live. The new website will be the official place for presenting all of Metonymie Studios new projects. During the next few weeks I will be launching 3 new projects that I have developed during the past eight months.

Design wise, I chose a minimalist approach, with a minimal color palette and a simple and elegant sans serif typography. The site's objective is mostly to present and inform about Metonymie Studios projects, and about my professional career. The only thing that's being kept from the old site, is the blog I wrote during my university years: Apuntes.

The homepage is the first official use of my generative design library: generativeText, that will be launched with a full documentation page during the next couple of weeks. It's a randomized design, that will produce different results on each page load, however it includes some constraints to make it aesthetically pleasing. I have seen some instances of randomized designs on the web but mostly for illustrations and vector graphics; as far as I know this is the first instance of a typography based randomized design on the web.

Due to the particulars of the rules used on the design, it is not straight forward to calculate the exact number of possible outcomes of the design but we can determine, on a quick calculation, that the number of combinations is a number between 4^51=5.0706024e+30 and (4^7 * 5^44)=9.3132257e+34. This number is so large it is mathematically guaranteed that each page load will produce a different result.

Apart from that I wrote a minimalist blog app in Symfony 3 that's integrated with varnish, which I'm using to speed up the serving of pages.